On-line Kindergarten Pre-registation for 2014-2015 opened on Feb. 3, 2014.  See www.sd57.bc.ca for more info.

Congratulations to our 16 students who competed in the Regional Science Fair on Sat. April 5.  Here are their results:

Honorable Mention:

Do Eggs Float

        Students: Rylan Tourand , Derian Potskin

        School: Malaspina

squish goes the fruit

        Students: Gemma Martiskainen , Julia Gagnon

        School: Malaspina

 fruits reaction to boiling water

        Student: Isaac Heppner

        School: Malaspina


Residue in laundry soap

        Student: Kassie Zogas

        School: Malaspina

How Video Games Affect the Brain and The Body

        Students: Sydney Hoar , Alec Graham

        School: Malaspina

which teeth cleaning product works the best

        Students: Ian Platzer , Jayne Platzer

        School: Malaspina

   Blood Types and Antibodies

        Student: Logan Timmins

        School: Malaspina

Blood Type Inheritance

        Student: Autumn Timmins

        School: Malaspina


 Jelly Egg

        Students: Ava Grattan , Alice Dobrinsky

        School: Malaspina

electric hamster

        Student: Kaleb Morris

        School: Malaspina

Acidic Liquids

        Students: Hannah Nishnik , Olivia Martiskainen

        School: Malaspina




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