Welcome to Malaspina Elementary School!

The following message is from Superintendent of Schools, Brian Pepper:

With the ratification of the Memorandum of Agreement between BCPSEA and BCTF schools will open on Monday, September 22, 2014.


Monday, September 22, 2014


Schools will follow normal opening day routines with a shortened 90 minute day. Busses will run at the usual time in the morning. Bus students will be transported home following the morning session. (Malaspina's warning bell will go at 8:33 a.m. and the final bell will go at 8:38 a.m.  Students will be dismissed at 10:15 a.m.)


Beginning Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Schools will begin full day programming. Regular bus routes and schedules will be in effect.  (We may have to change our bell schedule to accommodate changes in the new contract.  The number of minutes will remain the same, but the start and end times may have to be changed slightly.  Stay tuned for more information on Tuesday.)


Kindergarten Gradual Entry


School District 57 will continue with the gradual entry process for kindergarten students entering school this year. The gradual entry of phasing in with a small group and shortened attendance times allows children to feel comfortable as they adjust to their new environment, routines, teacher and peers. This gentle introduction to school helps build the foundation for a successful start to their school life.

On September 22, kindergarten students will attend for the first 45 minutes of the day. On this first day, schools will provide parents with a schedule outlining the gradual entry for their child.

    (Please see the school district website at www.sd57.bc.ca for more information about the Kindergarten gradual entry.) 

    **Hixon, Giscome and McBride Centennial will have an alternate kindergarten schedule to accommodate rural bussing.

School Calendar, Secondary Semesters, Secondary School Provincial Exams

Due to the late start to the school year, it is likely the Ministry of Education will allow district staff to balance secondary semesters and schedule provincial exams at a later date. Senior staff are working with the Ministry of Education and the Prince George District Teachers Association today and we expect to announce a revised semester 1 end, Ministry of Education exam schedule and semester 2 start early next week. Secondary school principals will provide this information to you. It is likely that the January 23rd Non Instruction Day will be shifted to coincide with the adjustment in semesters. All remaining Non Instructional Days and scheduled school year holidays are confirmed as determined earlier this year by the Board of Education.


Focus on Learning

Our most important work remains student learning in a safe, caring and orderly environment. Our professional and support staff are united in this belief and we will continue to provide learning experiences that enrich the lives of each student.

These are the school supply lists for 2014-2015.